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Uni-Adventure Programmes (Semester 2)

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Tree Climbing Certificate Course
Enrollment date: 31 January 2023

Tree Climbing Certificate Course

This course is designed for those who want to learn tree climbing. The course will follow the syllabus of the Elementary Level of International Tree Climbing Association. Participants will learn the fundamental knowledge of tree climbing and the tree climbing skills including vertical ascent, use of tree climbing equipment, knots and etc.

Participants will learn to use climbing equipment including climbing rope, harness, belaying device and karabiners. Upon successful completion of the course, participants can apply the certificate of International Tree Climbing Association through the coach instructor. Remarks: HKD 40 for the certificate. The class will be conducted in Cantonese.
Tennis Court 1, SHSC
HKU full time student
HKU full time staff
6 People Max.
Course Code Date / DayTime Enrollment Deadline Apply
TC 03 (FULL) 12 & 19 Feb 2023 (Sun)0930-1230  6 Feb Enroll
TC 04 (FULL) 12 & 19 Feb 2023 (Sun)1330-1630 6 Feb Enroll
TC 05 (FULL) 5 & 12 Mar 2023 (Sun)0930-1230  9 Feb Enroll
TC 06 (FULL) 5 & 12 Mar 2023 (Sun)1330-1630 9 Feb Enroll

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