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Guest Policy

Guest Policy

The following parties are eligible to invite guests to use the University's sports facilities subject to the required guest fee and quota as stated below:

Individual Users can invite external guests as follows:

Type of CSE Sports Member (See note a) Guest fee per head per visit / per 1-hour activity session as appropriate Max. no. of guests allowed for each visit
HKU students HK$30
(unless Guest is current UGC student who will be exempted from the guest fee)
HKU full-time staff and their spouse / dependent child (aged 18 or above)
HKU visiting staff / HKU retirees and their spouse
HKU alumni and their spouse / children (aged 18 or above)
All other external sports members (Community / Tenant / Senior Citizen / Foundation / HKU-SPACE & Centennial College Members) aged 18 or above. HK$60

(unless Guest is current UGC student who will be exempted from the guest fee)
Note a: 
  1. All members are also required to possess HKU student cards / HKU staff cards / HKU Facilities Access Cards, which are valid for accessing the sports centres, as appropriate.
  2. Users of West Island School facility can purchase guest ticket at
    1. Reception Counter at the Stanley Ho Sports Centre
    2. HKU Online Payment System - only on-the-day purchases will be accepted
    Please hand in the ticket/present screen capture of the online payment receipt to our staff to check-in the WIS facility

Internal HKU Groups/Teams can invite external guests as follows:

A.Eligible internal HKU groups (who can invite external non-HKU teams/individuals), include sports teams from Halls / Faculties / Departments / Staff / Sports Clubs affiliated to the Sports Association as registered / recognized by the CSE.

B.Coaches/referees/officials and UGC-institution teams/players invited by internal HKU groups will be normally permitted free entry.

Type of Invited Team/Player Guest (See note b and c)
Guest team from UGC institution Free
Guest team from elsewhere HK$300 (every 2-hour booking/visit per team)
Guest player from UGC institution Free
Guest player from elsewhere HK$30 (every 2-hour booking/visit per person)
Note b:  Bookings/visits less than 2 hours will be charged as 2 hours.
Note c:  All guest requests raised by the internal groups are subject to the approval of the Facility Management Team and must be made through the online Facility Management request form at least 3 working days in advance. Only the one who made the internal group booking can submit the request by including the group booking reference number and the guest list with full English/Chinese names.

General terms and conditions:

(Unless specified otherwise, “Guests” stated below refers to the guests of both individual users and internal groups and the corresponding terms and conditions will apply accordingly.)

  1. Refunds of guest fees will only be given with the permission of the CSE’s designated representatives.

  2. Guest tickets may be purchased by Octopus/ PayWave / Union Pay / Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) at the reception areas of the Flora Ho or Stanley Ho Sports Centre during normal opening hours.

  3. Members / guests are required to retain and take good care of the guest tickets issued at all times during their visit to the Sports Centre for the CSE staff’s collection and checking as necessary.

  4. Guests using Henry Fok Swimming Pool will be issued with a QR code which should be scanned at the turnstile-reader for accessing the pool.

  5. Guests are required to abide by the CSE rules & regulations of sports facilities. For details on the rules and regulations, please refer to this link. It is the eligible parties’ responsibility to ensure their guests conform to CSE rules/regulations.

  6. Guests of individual users who wish to use more than 1 one-hour activity session must pay for the appropriate number of sessions. Guests must be accompanied and supervised by the eligible parties at all times during their visit at the sports centres.

  7. Guests of individual users who are aged below 2 years are not required to pay the guest fee.

  8. Guests of individual users are entitled to use all CSE facilities, subject to availability and the time limitation as applicable (e.g. each 1hr period), apart from all fitness/gym centres. However, guests of internal groups are only allowed to use the facilities and duration booked by the corresponding group during their visit (e.g. 2hr period).

  9. Guests of individual or team users are NOT required to pay the guest fee if they are bona-fide current tertiary students/staff of a UGC-funded university/institution (in which case the guests must sign on the visitor book upon arrival and present his/her valid student/staff card for the identity verification in order to enjoy the fee waiver).

  10. Guest fee will likely be waived for guests of internal groups from UGC-funded universities/institutions and those who participate in or attend competitions organized by the HKU internal groups. All guests will have to present valid student/staff card/photo ID for identity verification or else the guest-fee waiver (if applicable) will not be granted.

  11. Referee/alumni invited by HKU Sports Association are likely exempted from guest fees but approval from Facility Management Team is required.

  12. Guest individuals invited by U-team individual sports, e.g. badminton, squash, etc. will be likely exempted from guest fee but prior approval from Facility Management Team is required.

  13. Guest Teams invited by U-team team sports, e.g. soccer, basketball, etc. will be likely exempted from guest fee but prior approval from Facility Management Team is required.

CSE reserves the right to update or modify the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

(Jul 2019)