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1. How to join the sports membership? What are the application procedures and fees? Do I need to apply for sports membership if I already hold a student card issued by the HKU?

The CSE offers different categories of sports membership for different interested parties (HKU alumni, FT students of HKU SPACE Community College and Centennial College, tenants of HKU's residential properties and members of the general public). Please click here for an overview of our membership types and fees, and click here to submit online application.

Normally, if you are a full-time undergraduate / postgraduate student of the HKU (including exchange students who study in the HKU on a full-time basis during their exchange period), you can simply use your student card to get access to the sports centre without applying for a separate membership. If you are a student enrolled in a programme other than full-time undergraduate / postgraduate study, you can check your eligibility to use the sports facilities by one of the following two methods:

To come to sports centres in person to test if the student card can be accepted by the sports centre entrance turnstiles; or To try to make an online sports facility booking, without making confirmation, via HKU portal (Main Menu > Campus Information Services > Service Departments > Centre for Sports and Exercise > Sports Facilities Booking) to see if your student number is accepted by the system.

If you are successful in any one of the above methods, then you are eligible to use the University's sports facilities just by presenting the student card without the need of applying for a separate membership.

Sports members (including students and other sports members) who would like to use the fitness room are advised to see FAQ - Booking (Question 5) for more details on the related regulations and guidance notes.

2. Can HKU staff / retirees use the sports facilities? If yes, do I need to apply for a sports membership?

With effect from 1 December, 2017, eligible staff and retirees and their family members can access to the sports facilities without the need of applying for sports membership. Please click this link for more details.

3. How long is the processing time of my sports membership application?

The processing time of membership application normally take 7 working days of the CSE's General Office. (Working days: Mon-Fri, excluding Sat, Sun, Public/HKU’s holidays). However, if the required documents / photos submitted in your online application are not in order or there is a need for CSE to clarify with you some of the application / card issuance matters, there may be a delay in your application processing. Also, for the processing of membership for HKU tenants, HKU SPACE Community College / Centennial College, which involves third party verification, the completion time may take additional 2-10 working days, depending on the third party’s response time required.

4. Can I bring my friends or coach to use the sports facilities?

Sports members are welcome to bring their family members / friends who do not have sports membership to use the facilities together subject to a payment of guest fee ($30.00 per guest of HKU students or staff holding sports membership or $60.00 per guest of Community Members, holder of HKU- SPACE / Centennial College CSE Sports Membership and holders of HKU-CSE Tenants Sports Membership). For details, please further see our guest policy.

On the other hand, sports members are not allowed to bring their coaches to conduct any coaching activities within the CSE's facilities which are for our students' / members' training and recreational uses. Any activities involving monetary transactions (including private coaching) are thus strictly prohibited in any of the CSE’s sports facilities.

5. What kinds of facility can I use after joining the sports membership?

There are various kinds of sports facilities available for the sports members use. To name a few: Badminton, snooker, squash, table-tennis, basketball, fitness, swimming and volleyball. To view the complete list of the facilities, please click here. Please note that for some facilities, only group bookings are allowed. Please note that the ACTIVE (Centennial Campus) is reserved for HKU’s current students holding student cards and HKU’s full-time/visiting staff and retirees and their eligible family members.

6. Can I use the sports facilities if I am overseas exchange students of the HKU without a student card?

If you are an exchange student but are not issued with a student card for normal access to the Sports Centres, you can apply for a special permission to get to the Sports Centre via your Department in the HKU which should write to the CSE to request for such permission. Normally, upon CSE's approval of the request, exchange students will also need to pay for a guest fee of HK$30 for each visit / 1-hour activity session as appropriate. Normally, overseas exchange students without HKU student cards are not eligible to use the ACTIVE (Centennial Campus).

7. I may not be available to accompany my child(ren) to come to the Sports Centre sometimes. Can I ask my maid to do so instead though she doesn't have the sports membership?

Child sports members should be accompanied by adult sports members to get to the Sports Centres at all times. In case you are not available to accompany your child(ren) to come to sports centre but would like to ask your maid to do so instead, please note the following required arrangements:

If your maid and child(ren) come to Sports Centre for general recreational activities:
You should write to the CSE Director (via email: csehku@hku.hk) to seek the Centre's prior approval of allowing the maid to buy a guest ticket on her own in order to get access to the sports centres (Normally, guest tickets can only be purchased by sports members for their guests). Please see our Guest Policy for further details.

If your maid takes your child(ren) to come to Sports Centre to attend programmes (e.g. ActiveKids programmes) organized by the CSE:
The guest tickets will normally be waived for the maid in such situations.

Please note that the above only states the general arrangements of the CSE in regard to admittance of maids who do not possess valid sports membership. The CSE reserves the right to alter the arrangement as it thinks fit as and when necessary on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions on this issue, please contact us at csehku@hku.hk.

8. I joined Community Sports Membership a few years ago and was only issued with a laminated membership card (No: CM-888-A), not a Facilities Access Card (FAC). How can I login to the new online membership system to renew my membership as I do not have my FAC no.?

Previous Community Sports Members without holding FAC will need to apply for sports membership as a new applicant. Please create your own online account first before submitting your application. As a new applicant, you will also need to submit the required identification documents and photo for vetting and FAC issuance ($50@ for new issuance; $150@ for replacement). Please refer to our video tutorials on how to use our online system to do the above-mentioned procedures. (This answer is also applicable to previous Tenant Sports Members, Senior Citizen Sports Members and HKU-SPACE / Centennial College FT Students Sports Members who were issued with laminated membership cards).