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CSE Advisory / User Group

CSE Advisory / User Group (AUG)

The CSE management is pleased to inform our users that we wish to facilitate ways of enhancing feedback from a wide cross-section of our key users groups (students, staff, external members).

To facilitate this, a CSE Advisory/User Group (AUG) has been created and members invited to attend this group.

Six people external to the CSE have been invited and agreed for form this initial CSE AUG - representing
  • 2 HKU full-time student members (from the HKU Students Union, and the HKU Sports Association)
  • 2 HKU full-time staff members (one from the academic staff, one from the professional service staff)
  • 2 external (non-HKU) members from our CSE Community or Tenant members (who also are associated with a local school and also a local sports club that frequently use our CSE facilities.
  • CSE staff who will likely attend these meeting will include the Director, the two Assistant Directors, an Administrative Assistant (and secretary for note taking).
This group is likely to meet at least one per semester (first meeting was held on 6th Nov 2017), with the aim of providing comments, feedback, suggestions on how the CSE undertakes it duties.

Other comments, feedback, or suggestions from our other users are welcome and can be sent to the CSE (email: CSEHKU@HKU.HK).