Logo of Centre For Sports and Exercise


Senior Administration

Following the HKU Council's approval of the restructuring of the former Institute of Human Performance, the Centre for Sports and Exercise was established on July 1, 2016 to take over the service component of the Institute of Human Performance.

Currently, Dr. Michael Tse is the Director to run the day-to-day management of the Centre. Also in the CSE's senior management team are Dr. M L Chan, Mr. Glen Matthew Joe and Mr. Ivan Ho who are respectively expected to be responsible for the facility management, Active Health Clinic and general administration of the Centre.
Michael Tse
Dr. Michael Tse
Director, CSE
Mee Lee Chan
Dr. Mee Lee Chan
Assistant Director
Glen Joe
Mr. Glen Joe
Exercise Physiologist
Ivan Ho
Mr. Ivan Ho
Administrative Assistant

Active Health

Providing services in both Active Health Clinic and CSE Health and Fitness Centres (Active Centre at the Centennial Campus and SHSC fitness center), staff in the Active Health team aim to promote active lifestyles to the community with different ages and populations.
Glen Joe
Mr. Glen Joe
Exercise Physiologist
Chi Wah Lau
Ms. Chi Wah Lau
Administration Manager
Alan Wong
Mr. Alan Wong
Health and Fitness Manager
Kevin Tang
Mr. Kevin Tang
Fitness Programme Officer
Kenneth Liang
Mr. Kenneth Liang
Health and Fitness Officer
Xavier Chiu
Mr. Xavier Chiu
Exercise and Wellness Trainer
Yenkit Man
Mr. Yenkit Man
Acitve Campus Programme Coordinator
Luther Chan
Mr. Luther Chan
Fitness Trainer
Alam Yung
Ms. Alam Yung
Fitness Centre Coordinator
Dennis Wong
Mr. Dennis Wong
Fitness Centre Coordinator
Donald Lee
Mr. Donald Lee
Fitness Centre Coordinator
Josephine Chan
Ms. Josephine Chan
Executive Assistant
Sylvia Tse
Ms. Sylvia Tse
Executive Assistant
Susan Fan
Ms. Susan Fan
Programme Assistant
Kobe Yeung
Mr. Kobe Yeung
Half-time Fitness Centre Assistant
Martin Wong
Mr. Martin Wong
Half-time Fitness Centre Assistant

Sport and Recreation

One of the major goals of the CSE is to promote healthy lifestyle through regular physical exercise and sport to the HKU community. The objective of the Uni-Sports programme is therefore to provide a broad and innovative range of opportunities for participation in sport and physical recreation activities and for learning and performance of movement skills, recognizing the important link between lifelong physical activity and health. The CSE recruits professional coaches and instructors specializing in varioius sports fields to deliver the programme to ensure a good learning experience for the participants.
Matthew Fung
Mr. Matthew Fung
Sport and Recreation Officer
Willie Hung
Mr. Willie Hung
Sport and Recreation Officer

Facility Management Team

The Facility Management Team is composed of Managers, Officer, Leading Attendants and Facilities Attendants. The mission of the team is to help developing a high-quality and safe sports facilities to different types of users. All the staff in the team are all valid first-aiders and they are ready to provide excellent service to sports participants.
Mee Lee Chan
Dr. Mee Lee Chan
Assistant Director
Simon Wong
Mr. Simon Wong
Facility Manager
Raymond Lui
Mr. Raymond Lui
Facility Coordinator
Apple Chan
Ms. Apple Chan
Facility Operation Officer
Flora Ho Sports Centre
Fok, Siu Kei
Mr. Fok, Siu Kei
Leading Attendant
Ho Tommy Pui Kai
Mr. Ho, Tommy Pui Kai
Leading Attendant
Tam, Suk Ling
Ms. Tam, Suk Ling
Leading Attendant
Li, Chun Man
Mr. Li, Chun Man
Leading Attendant
Ip, Kei
Mr. Ip, Kei
Leading Attendant
Stanley Ho Sports Centre
Kwok, Ting Fung
Mr. Kwok, Ting Fung
Senior Leading Attendant
Law Kwong Wa
Mr. Law, Kwong Wa
Leading Attendant
Fung, King Pang
Mr. Fung, King Pang
Leading Attendant
Henry Fok Swimming Pool
Lam, King Hang
Mr. Lam, King Hang
Senior Leading Pool Attendant
Mok, Lai Ling
Ms. Mok, Lai Ling
Senior Leading Pool Attendant