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Uni-Adventure Programmes (Summer Semester, 2024)

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Scuba Diving Open Water Course

Scuba Diving Open Water Course (NAUI Certification)

This comprehensive scuba diving course covers all the fundamental knowledge and skills required for scuba diving, including dive techniques and the use of dive equipment. The course starts in Henry Fok Swimming Pool (Stanley Ho Sports Centre) and progresses to open water diving in Sai Kung. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will obtain the internationally recognized open water diver certification from The National Association of Underwater Instructors, which will allow them to continue diving in any fabulous dive sites in Hong Kong or overseas.

Prerequisite: Participants must be capable of swimming at least 200 metres, and a swimming test will be conducted during the pool training session.

Point to note:
  1. Participants should consult with their doctor to ensure their medical fitness for learning scuba diving before enrolling in the course.
  2. Participants must attend at all lectures and training sessions as it is mandatory for the certification assessment.
  3. CSE provides all the necessary diving equipment, including buoyancy compensators, regulators, weight belts, fins, masks, snorkels, wetsuits, and tanks.
Multi-purpose Room #1, SHSC/ Henry Fok Swimming Pool, SHSC/ Sai Kung
HKU student/staff/sports members
8 People Max.
Course Code Date / DayTime Backup Date
(not for personal absence)
Venue Apply
UNA2407-NA01 2, 4 Jul (Tue & Thu)1900-2100   Multi-purpose Room #1, SHSC Enroll
6-Jul (Sat)0900-1800 13 Jul Henry Fok Swimming Pool
7, 21 Jul (Sun)0900-1800 Sai Kung
UNA2407-NA02 23, 25 Jul (Tue & Thu)1900-2100 Multi-purpose Room #1, SHSC Enroll
27-Jul (Sat)0900-1800 10 Aug Henry Fok Swimming Pool
10, 17 Aug (Sat)0900-1800 Sai Kung

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