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Sports Scholarship Scheme
Sports Scholarship Scheme
In June 1995, The University of Hong Kong launched the territory’s first sports scholarship scheme. To date, more than 430 students have entered our University through this scheme as sports scholars.

The Programme
The Sports Scholarship Programme offers an alternative admission path to the University for outstanding young men and women whose pre-university experience includes a significant commitment to the pursuit of sporting excellence as well as to their formal academic studies. To be eligible for the Sports Scholarship Programme applicants must have (i) satisfied the minimum University entrance requirements for the year of admission, (ii) demonstrated exceptional sporting prowess and (iii) met the entrance requirements for the particular academic programme of study as specified by and/or modified by the relevant Faculty.

The Programme currently does not provide a cash allowance or any tuition waivers to the successful applicants but some consideration may be given to sports scholars to reimburse some expenses associated directly with continuation of their high level training and competition while enrolled as a student at HKU.

Contact us
For more information, please contact
Ms Michelle NG, Manager of Sports Scholarship Scheme
Tel : 2817 9846
Email : nhytsang@hku.hk

  • For JUPAS applicants : please click here to complete the online application before 5:00 pm , 6 Dec, 2019. (Hong Kong Time)
  • For Non-JUPAS please click here and DAS applicants please click here to complete the online application before 5:00 pm, 6 Dec, 2019. (Hong Kong Time)
  • For Mainland Gao-Kao students, please click here to complete the online application before 5:00 pm, 6 Dec, 2019. (Hong Kong Time)
  • Applicants who are currently residing in Hong Kong are required to submit IN PERSON the hard copy of their sports CV and one passport photo. Details of submissions are as :
    1. Date & Time : 7 Sat & 20 Fri Dec 2019, 10:00 -13:00 & 14:30 -18:00
    2. Venue : Seminar Room, Flora Ho Sports Centre, 113 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.
  • Late application will be considered on a case by case basis, but in any case, no later than 20 May 2020. For JUPAS, we will NOT consider any application AFTER release of HKDSE examination results.
For more information, you are welcome to visit our information counter during the HKU Information Day on 2 Nov, 2019. (Sat).

Selected applicants will be invited to attend an interview to be held in Hong Kong in December 2019 to February 2020 (for those applying through Non-JUPAS/Direct Admissions Scheme to Senior Year Places and Non-local applicants) or in June 2020 (for JUPAS candidates). Non-local applicants or applicants studying outside Hong Kong who are not able to attend the interview may join the admissions interviews held overseas, details of which will be made available on the admissions website soon. Successful applicants will be nominated for entry as sports scholars.
For more information, please contact:

Michelle NG
Tel: 2817 9846
Email : nhytsang@hku.hk

HKU Sports Scholars

Faculty/ Programme Name (click for photo) Sport
BSC(SURV) Mr. CHIU Pak Yin Athletics
BED(ECE&SE) Mr. TSANG Kwan Lok Athletics
BDS Ms. NG Pui Yan Athletics
BJ Ms. KWOK Hui Man Natalie Athletics
BENG Mr. SZE Ho Yin Athletics, XC
BChinMed Ms. YEUNG Sin Kiu Badminton
BSC Mr. LAM Ka Wai Badminton
BSC Mr. CHAN Wai Hei Badminton
BSS Ms. CHOI Kan Yi Badminton
BENG(BME) Ms. LAU Wing Hei Badminton & Javelin
MBBS Mr. WANG Joshua Che Badminton, XC, Athletics
BSS Ms. LAU Fong Ying Bb, Ath, Hb
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Mr. YU Yee Shing Fencing
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Ms. FAN Linna Fencing, Ath(HJ)
BSC(SPEECH) Ms. CHAN Tsz Ching Fencing-Epee
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. CHUI Hay Yan Field Hockey
BSC(SURV) Mr. NG Kai Yui Clive Football
BA Ms. WONG Hiu Tung Avis Football
BDS Mr. POON King Him Timothy Football
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. LEUNG Hin Tung Handball
BENG Mr. CHAN Cheuk Shing Karate
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. CHU Yau Man Orienteering, XC, Windsurfing
BA Ms. CHAN Wing Sze Kelly Swimming
BDS Ms. NG Ling Hei Swimming
BENG Ms. MELIS Marsha Swimming, XC
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Mr. YIM Ching Wai Justin Taekwondo
BSC(AC) Mr. SO Cheuk Pui Tennis
BBA(IS) Ms. LOOK Avril Tennis
BDS Ms. PANG Masami Volleyball
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Mr. LAI Chun Hung Volleyball
BSS Ms. EDEN Jessica Rugby
BDS Ms. MA Ho Chee Fencing
BA Ms. LAU Hiu Ching Handball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. ZHANG Isabelle Tian Yi Badminton
BSc Mr. LAM Ka Lok Gary Squash
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. TANG Hong Yin Football
BDS Mr. CHAN Alex Eugene Tae Kwon Do
MBBS Mr. LAM Pak Yiu Calvin Tennis
LLB Ms. WONG Hoi Yan Margaret Swimming
BA Ms. LEE Nicole Basketball
BDS Ms. FUNG Kikei Swimming
BENG Mr. COGGINS Oscar Triathlon
BA Mr. SHEK Wing Yin Handball
BDS Mr. WONG Ho Hin Table Tennis
BEng(BME) Mr. CHEUNG Ioi Chit Chinese Martial Art
BA Mr. WAI Wing Yin Squash
BENG Ms. CHEUNG Pui Yu Squash
BDS Ms. LUK Ngai Ming Maisie Athletics
BA Ms. LI Wing Sze Handball
BBMS Mr. TSANG Hing Wing Ice Hockey
MBBS Ms. LAM Hiu Wai Swimming

scholarship group

For the event photos, please click HERE.
For the photos receiving the Sports Scholarship, please click HERE.

Faculty/ Programme Name (click for photo) Sport
BA(AS) Ms.Yeung Ching Athletics
BSS Ms.Yeung Wing Athletics
BDS Ms. Cheung Hiu Ching Kristy Fencing
BA Ms. Lau Cheuk Yan Samantha Athletic
BSS(GL)&LLB Mr. So Ka Wang Orienteering
BSC Mr. Chuen Wai Chung Max Swimming
BENG Mr. Bentulan J Dylan Fourier Gauss A. P. Basketball
BSC(AC) Ms. WANG Liyong Table Tennis
Becon/Becon&Fin Mr. Ho Chun Him Swimming
BDS Mr. Cheung Yu San Volleyball
BENG Ms. Wong Chau Yu Football
BA(AS) Mr. Yu Chung Yiu Basketball
BSS Mr. Luk Yin Chun Athletics
BA(AS) Ms. Chu Wing Yan Charlene Taekwondo
BBA(Law)&LLB Ms. Chan Tak Yan Athletics
BENG Mr. Chow Chun Ho Tennis
BENG Mr. CHEUNG Hoi Yin Haydn Handball
BA Mr. Abduvaliev Adilet Karate and Football
MBBS Ms. Yu Wing Sze Tennis
BFin(AMPB) Mr. Mak Matthew Fencing
BA Mr. Chow Hei Long Football
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Teh Nicole Taekwondo
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Fan Chun Shing Philip Football
BA(AS) Mr. Mok Jonathan Ho Weng Football
BJ Ms. Lee Areta Fencing
BSC(ENVS) Mr. Lam Chi Lok Squash
BNURS Ms. Szeto Kiu Wai Volleyball
BA Mr. Pun Pong Chun Handball
BENG Mr. Ko Kit Badminton
IBGM Mr. FONG Leong Sing Athletics
BSC Mr. Wu Zijing Football
BSS Ms. Brown Bailee Briana Triathlon
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Kwok Yat Hei Fencing
BSW Mr. Wong Siu Yu Volleyball
Faculty/ Programme Name (click for photo) Sport
BSC(SURV) Mr. Chan Long Hei Fencing; Sabre
BDS Ms. Chen Yin Kwan Nicole Karatedo
BDS Ms. Cheung Hung Yan Basketball
BDS Ms. Chiu Cheuk Ki Fencing - Epee
MBBS Ms. Ip Shuk Tin Tina Badminton
BSc Ms. Lam Wing Kiu Tennis
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Law Lok Yin Volleyball
Beng Mr. Lo Chi Kin Basketball
BEng Mr. Siu Yu Hin Swimming
BJ Ms. Sze Steffi Charlene Swimming
BEng Mr. WONG HOI TUNG Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. LO Tsun Kiu Badminton
BSc Mr. YU ching Chun Soccer
LLB Mr. LAW Ka Wui Wesley Tennis
BA Ms. Lok Shun Volleyball
BA Mr. Wong Lok Kan Handball
BEng Mr. Tse Tse Fung Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Lee Wai Leuk Alan Tenns
BEng Mr. Rajagopal Kavin Athletics
BBA Mr. NG Pit Ching Handball
BBA Mr. HO Chun Ting Soccer
BENG Mr. Gurung Sijan Soccer
2016/2017 HKU Sports Scholars
Faculty/ Programme Name Sport
BJ Miss Yuen Sze Hang Cheryl swimming
BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Mak Sai Yin volleyball
BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Cheng Hei Man swimming
BENG Mr. Pun Kwong Kin swimming
BBA(Acc&Fin) Miss Chan Yuen Kiu badminton
BEcon&Fin Mr. Chan Tsz Kit windsurfing
MBBS Mr. Yeung Kam Leung Kenneth swimming
BEcon&Fin Mr. Cham Shun Wo fencing
BA Miss Yan Ho Ching fencing
BEcon&Fin Miss Tang Yue Man Michelle swimming
BDS Mr. Hung Fan Tsun Francis table tennis
LLB Miss Liu Ho Yee swimming
Beng Mr. NG Wan Hin badminton
BEcon&Fin Mr. Cheung Wai Sing soccer
LLB Mr. Lee Tsz Hong swimming
BA(ArchStud) Miss Tsang Ka Lee handball
BSc(Surv) Mr. Choi Lok Yin Ryan volleyball
BSC Mr. YU Wai Chuen handball
Beng Miss LI MICHELLE equestrian
BSc(Exercise&Health) Mr. LAM MICHAEL triathlon
BSocSc(Govt&Laws)&LLB Miss CHAN CHAK LAM tennis
Beng Miss CHUNG MAN TUNG cross country
Beng Miss YEUNG YI MAN handball
BA Mr. LUK KIN MING soccer
BBA(Acc&Fin) Miss LAM CHING YUET badminton
BBA(Acc&Fin) Miss TANG MAN TING handball
BSc(IM) (yr 3) Mr. TSANG CHUN YUNG TREVOR soccer
2015/2016 HKU Sports Scholars
Faculty/ Programme Name Sport
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Miss Ching Cho Miu Swimming
BSS Mr Hung Daryl Table Tennis
BSC(SURV) Miss Law Wing Chung Tennis
BBA(Law)&LLB Mr Law Ho Ching Football
BDS Mr Tang Yui Hong Table Tennis
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Mr Leung Gerald Volleyball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Miss Ip Rainbow Swimming
BBA(Law)&LLB Mr Tang Hoi Yan Table Tennis
BBA(Law)&LLB Mr Boulanger Adam Rene Man-yin Football
BA Miss Lau Cheuk Yu Fencing
BSC Mr Lai King Chung Kratedo
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr Choi Chun Yin Ryan Fencing
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Miss Ng Ka Ka Swimming
BDS Miss Lam Wing Shan Rachel Swimming
BENG Mr Leung Chun Hei Badminton
BSS Miss Chen Tse Jia Kelly Basketball
BSC(SPEECH) Miss Chan Ying Sinn Athletics
BENG Mr Mak Tsz Chun Starsky Volleyball
Mr Chan Man Kit Shin Tennis
BSS Miss Juliet Reuven Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Miss Fok Sen Yin Stephanie Swimming
BSC(Exercise&Health) Mr Yip Ching Fung Soccer
BENG Mr Lu Ching Yu Soccer
BA Mr Cheung Chun Lok Johnny Football
BSS(Exercise&Health) Miss Yeung Lok Hei Hazel Athletics
2014/2015 HKU Sports Scholars
Faculty/ Programme Name Sport
BA Mr. Fong Kai Chuen Athletics
BA(AS) Ms. Ho Cheuk Suen Circle Fencing
BSC(SURV) Ms. Lam Suet Ying Badminton
BA(US) Mr. Lau King Yat Squash
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Chan Hin Fan Wesley Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Chu Chun Yin Badminton
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Duen Pui Yee Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Ip Ching Soccer
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Lau Ka Chun Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Lee Wing Yee Basketball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Leung Hoi Yin Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Yan Hoi Tung Abby Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Yeung Man Wai Athletics
BBA(IS) Mr. Sze Chun Lung Handball
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Mr. Tong Tsz Chun Squash
BENG Mr. Kwok Chin Kan Handball
BENG Ms. Law Hei Tung Fencing
BENG Mr Ngan Tsz Cheung Athletics
BENG Mr. Wong King Yu Handball
BENG Mr. Wong Tsz Chung Soccer
BJ Ms. Ho Long Sze Kelly Fencing
BSC Mr. Lai Kak Yi Soccer
BSC Ms. Chang Lok Yi Athletics
BSS Ms. Cheung Hiu Lam Fencing
BSC(AC) Mr. Yiu Sin Chun Swimming
BSC(AC) Mr. Wong Chun Lok Swimming
BSC(E&H) Ms. Chow Wan Ki Victoria Athletics
BSC(E&H) Mr. Cheung Arthur Triathlon
BSC(E&H) Mr. Warren Henry Lan Triathlon
MBBS Ms. Yang Jacquelyn Swimming
MBBS Ms. Lau Hiu Yu Hilda Athletics
MBBS Ms. Wong Michelle Chui Yee Volleyball
2013/2014 HKU Sports Scholars
Faculty/ Programme Name Sport
BA(LS) Ms. Lin Yik Hei Coco Fencing
BA(US) Ms. Chiong Hoi Yan Badminton
BA&BED(LangEd)-Eng Mr. Wong Sing Tsun Derek Swimming
BA&BED(LangEd)-Eng Miss Von Pflug Somphrattana Melitta Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Chan Ming Tai Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Cheung Chor Ying Basketball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Fung Wai Yee Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Fong Sin Yi Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Hellbach Stephanie E.M.L. Basketball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Li Sze Hou Adrian Fencing
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Ng Ka Yee Table Tennis
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Pang Hiu Yan Basketball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. To Sze Wai Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Wong Ka Yan Swimming
BBA(LAW) Mr. Lee Yin Hang Jeffrey Table Tennis
BDS Mr. Chan Yu Tung Athletics
BDS Ms. Lam Wei Ming Davina Swimming
BEng Mr. Law Wai Tsun Swimming
BEng Ms. Tong Hiu Liu Basketball
BEng Mr. Yau Tze Ching Volleyball
BSC Ms. Chan See Wai Rachael Basketball
BSC Mr. Wei Wing Kit Karate
BSC(E&H) Ms. Clarie Forster Rugby
BSC(E&H) Ms. Kendall Lauren Kruger Equestrian
BSC(E&H) Mr. Suen Gavin Swimming
BSC(E&H) Ms. Law Ka Man Evelyn Baseball
BSS Mr. Chan Ho Mang Joshua Soccer
BSS Ms. Chan Yuan Ting Janet Swimming
BSS Ms. Chu Ka Mong Fencing
LLB Mr. Chan Kin Hang Swimming
LLB Mr. Chiu Chung Hei Table Tennis
2012/2013 HKU Sports Scholars
Faculty/ Programme Name Sport
BA Ms. Sin Chung Hin Joanne Basketball
BA Mr. Wong Ho Kiu Volleyball
BA(AS) Mr. Lau Nicholas Clarence Athletics
BA(AS) Mr. Li Chung Hei Encoh Table Tennis
BA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Chow Ka Yuet Handball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Cheong Ka Ching Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Lin Ka Lok Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Tam Ho Yan Hilary Volleyball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Tam Ka Ho Ricky Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Siu Ho Yan Volleyball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Wong Ka Ho Vicko Triathlon
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Wong Tze Ling Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Yuen Yat Ho Swimming
BBA(IBGM) Ms. Lee Ming Wai Katie Athletics
BDS Mr. Lo Tsun Ming Orienteering
BED&BSS Ms. Kwok Chun Chi Ginger Volleyball
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Ms. Lai Lok Chi Volleyball
BEcon/BEcon&Fin Ms. Suen Yan Hailey Fencing
BEng Mr. Lee Hiu Fai Soccer
BSC Mr. Ching Kim Fu Swimming
BSC Mr. Wong Sui Wai Athletics
BSC(E&H) Mr. Ho Tsz Kan Volleyball
BSC(E&H) Mr. Hui Wai Hei Ricky Tennis/Athletics
BSC(E&H) Mr. Lee Ho Wo Soccer
BSS(GL) Ms. Chan Chi Yan Athletics
BNURS Ms. Mui Pik Sum Volleyball
BNURS Mr. Wong Wai Chung Nestor Athletics
MBBS Mr. Cheung Ryan Athletics
MBBS Mr. Lam Tsun Hang Jonathon Table Tennis
MBBS Ms. Szeto Wun Kee Volleyball
MBBS Mr. Yee Hon Fai Andy Athletics/Basketball
2011-2012 HKU Sports Scholars
Faculty/ Programme Name Sport
BA Ms. Chan Yuen Ting Athletics
BA & LLB Ms. Chan Hiu Tung Joyce Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Chan Hang Ming Beach volleyball/ Volleyball
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Tsang Yu Sum Artistic Cycling
BBA (Econ&Fin) Mr. Chung Ka Ho Basketball
BBA (Econ&Fin) Mr. Li Chi Shing Handball
BBA (Econ&Fin) Ms. Li Cindy Badminton
BBA (Econ&Fin) Mr. Li Kwun Ngai Vincent Table Tennis
BEngg Mr. Chau Pui Kwan Handball
BEngg Mr. Siu Wai Wang Derek Swimming
BEngg Mr. Wan Tsz Fung Basketball
BEngg Ms. Wong Shuk Man Athletics/Basketball
BSC Mr. Chan Chun Yeung Jason Athletics
BSC Mr. Lee Nam Kit Handball
BSC(E&H) Mr. Chan Siu Kwan Philip Soccer
BSC(E&H) Ms. Lau Tsz Chin Basketball/Softball/Javelin
BSC(E&H) Ms. Li Hoi Yi Jessica Tennis
BSC(E&H) Ms. Natasha Shangwe Olson Thorne Rugby
BSS Mr. Wan Chun Lok Volleyball
MBBS Ms. Chan Ho Yan Fencing
MBBS Ms. Luk Yan Swimming
2010-2011 HKU Sports Scholars
Faculty/ Programme Name Sport
BA Ms. Chan Hei Man Hayley Victoria Windsurfing
BA Ms. Fong Yee Pui Athletics
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Cheung Wai Lun William Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Ms. Lai Hiu Ling Swimming
BBA/BBA(Acc&Fin) Mr. Wong Shing Chung Anthony Table Tennis
BBA (Econ&Fin) Ms. Woo Wing Tung Athletics/Badminton
BBA(Law) Mr. Kanjanapas Suriyan Joshua Tennis
BEng Mr. Cai Kelvin Lun Badminton
BSC Mr. Yan Siu Chun Basketball
BSC(E&H) Ms. Pang Chi Ling Athletics
BSC(E&H) Mr. To Philip Michael Soccer
BSS(GL) Ms. Au Lok Yiu Athletics
BJ Ms. Tsang Hoi Yan Bernice Athletics
LLB Ms. Wong Hiu Yan Athletics