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Announcement Regarding Funding Application Results for Overseas/Local Training Camps, Semester 2, Year 2023/24
10 May 2024

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The Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE) is delighted to announce the results of the funding application for overseas / local training camps for Semester 2, Year 2023/24. After an intense and highly competitive selection process, we are thrilled to announce that four outstanding HKU sports teams would be granted with funding for their proposed training camps, and they are:

   🏃‍♂️                 Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country Team
   🥋                Men’s and Women’s Judo Team
   🚣‍♂️                Men’s and Women’s Rowing Team
   🤽‍♂️                Men’s Water Polo Team

The funding aims to provide HKU sports teams with an opportunity to enhance their abilities, understanding, and competitiveness through intensive training, either abroad or locally. Throughout the application process, the selected teams showcased detailed plans that highlighted their dedication to their sport, potential to improve and how their camps could align with the aims of the funding. And the selection panel was very impressed by that.  

Congratulations to the selected teams and we hope all the team members can enjoy their camps and also make the best of them to support the team development in future!