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Staff Sports
Staff Sports
With the recent (1st Dec 2017) move to provide free entry for ALL HKU eligible full-time staff into the CSE sports/recreation facilities (see link HERE), the CSE is increasingly becoming the key focal point for helping coordinate issues relating to HKU Staff Sports. As staff no longer have to themselves pay a fee to join the CSE, and by association links for “senior staff” to the Staff Sports Club (SSC), then the role and financing of the long-standing SSC will become redundant, and all levels of staff will be equally supported by the CSE.

Team support - Venues:
The CSE aims to support as much as possible the use of CSE sports/recreational facilities and encourages the development of staff sports team participation in friendly training or competitions. The CSE also tries to provide regular bookings to CSE venues for recognized/legitimate HKU Staff Sports Teams that will be reviewed regularly to ensure efficient use of our facilities (based on availability and demands, and not purely historical).

Team support – CSE Staff Sports coordinator:
The CSE has allocated part of a staff’s role to help coordinate issues to deal with HKU Staff Sports Teams. Should you need help, advice or to provide comments/feedback on how to enhance support for HKU Staff Sports Teams – please see below for contact info:
Mr. Raymond Lui, Facility Coordinator, Tel. no.: 25642328, raylsf@hku.hk
Team support - Players:
As venues are provided by the CSE for official HKU Staff Sports Teams, then the majority of all those playing for HKU Staff Teams on these facilities MUST be HKU Staff. As from 1st Nov 2018 least 50% of those participating MUST be official HKU Staff (including spouse/children), and no greater than the remaining 50% must be official/paid CSE Members (Alumni, Tenant, Community), and this excludes Guests and HKU Students (students typically have their own team training allocations). These percentages will be reviewed annually, and auditing of the number/percentage of Staff may occur and infringements possibly penalized, thus we ask all teams to strictly adhere to this policy.

Current Staff Sports Teams: Convenor, Training Days, Venues and Times (subject to change):
Please feel free to contact the specific sport team convenor listed below or to freely attend the training sessions below in order to make contact with existing players.

If staff wish to form a new or another recognised staff sports team for regular training/competition, please feel free to contact the CSE Staff Sports Coordinator cited above and present your case in writing together with evidence of interested/committed members, plus who will be the Sport Convenor. Each case will be considered on its merits and venue availability etc.



Stanley Ho Sports Centre, Pitch 3

HKUSA Convenor: Mr. Billy LO (yflo@hku.hk) 39172112
Day & Time: 0830-1000 (Sun)

SSC Convenor: Dr LIN, Yuan (ylin@hku.hk) 39177955
Day & Time: 1000-1200 (Sun)


Stanley Ho Sports Centre, Pitch 4

SSC Convenor: Dr JIA, Shi Jayson (jjia@hku.hk) 39171611
Day & Time: 1300-1800 (2nd & 4th Sunday of each month)


Flora Ho Sports Centre Sports Hall, Court #4-6 (Sun) #7-9 (Thu)

HKUSA Contact: 39172112
Day & Time: 1730-2230 (Sun) 1930-2030 (Thu)

SSC Convenor: Dr HAU, Timothy Doe-Kwong (timhau@hku.hk) 28591060
Day & Time: 0930-1230 (Sun)
Tennis Interest Group


Stanley Ho Sports Centre, Tennis Court #3

SSC Convenor: Dr. Jason WONG (jwhwong@hku.hk) 39179187
Day & Time: 1830-2030 (Tue) 1830-2030 (Thu)
Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Flora Ho Sports Centre Sports Hall, Table Tennis Room #2

HKUSA Contact: 39172112
Day & Time: 1430-1630 (Sat)